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Keri Savoca


The first time I came across the term kubectl (which was before I knew what it was — but it’s a command line tool that lets you control Kubernetes clusters), I Googled how to pronounce it. I had to. …

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I’ve been deliberating for a few months about whether I’d ever feel like talking about narcolepsy. Until recently, I had been leaning in favor of “Nope! Not now, not soon, probably not ever.”

Last year, I published a book of poetry based on the frantic text messages I’ve sent during…


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It was a dark day when I realized that laying in a bathtub full of amethyst and rose quartz wouldn’t cure my sleep disorder. I know. Shocking, right? All of these internet mom bloggers recommended “healing crystals” and even kindly offered to sell them to me! All I had to…

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With the new year right around the corner, we’re about to see an influx of “new year, new me” posts on social media. Self-improvement articles are about to flood our news feeds, reminding us of how inferior we are because we didn’t allocate our entire days to productivity. …

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According to some celebrities and influencers, 266,000 coronavirus-related deaths aren’t their problem, and the CDC’s guidelines (which are intended to maximize safety) don’t apply to them. …

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TL;DR: Do not take out a coding bootcamp loan with Skills Fund (aka Skills.Fund). It is not a private student loan. It is a private consumer loan. There is a big difference between private student loans and consumer loans.

It doesn’t matter what your credit report says. It doesn’t matter…

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Many people seem to believe that social media websites are powered by a magical, super-special file called The Algorithm™, as if only a single, complicated equation in a heavily-guarded, secret document determines whether your posts get the organic reach you desire.

  • Your latest post didn’t reach enough people? …

The News Break Creator Program is a relatively new program for writers who publish regularly. It promises to pay creators a guaranteed monthly minimum if they reach certain achievable benchmarks. It also promises to pay an additional fee for each article read. I introduced the News Break platform here:

Is this legit?


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I’ve been writing on Medium for 2 years. I’ve enjoyed it. Some months, I’ve paid my NYC rent with my earnings. Other months, not even close. I’ve been searching for another platform to supplement my earnings, and I’m happy to report that I’ve found one.

The News Break Creator Program

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In case you missed it, technology is “in” and Google Drive is all the rage lately. Gone are the days of using Microsoft Word; your company uses Google Drive now. Say goodbye to email; you can Slack your colleagues instead. Skype? What’s that? You’ll be using Google Meets and Zoom…

Keri Savoca

technical writer • site reliability engineer • engineering leader • all views are my own • 👩🏻‍💻

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