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  • TPM Stories

    TPM Stories

    TPM Stories is a collective of experiences and journeys featuring Technical Program Managers across the industry.

  • Curt Corginia

    Curt Corginia

    Founder, CEO, CTO, COO, and janitor at a company I made up called CORGICorporation

  • AP Carpen

    AP Carpen

    Paid Member; Semi-Retired Software Developer; Will write about computers for non-techs, human nature, how-to, and some humor; Developing a YouTube channel

  • Camilo Medina

    Camilo Medina


  • Adonis Edwards

    Adonis Edwards

    Software Engineer/gamer/father and husband.

  • Jason Carlin

    Jason Carlin

    Head of Design. Former Googler. Opinions are mine, except for the ones I borrowed.

  • Rocky Chen

    Rocky Chen

    Cloud Developer

  • John Gerhardt

    John Gerhardt

    Senior Director of Engineering at Compass

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