How To Be Your Company’s Most Annoying Google Drive Collaborator

If your colleagues want to be all “modern”, they can upload your Word document to their Google thingy on their own

Keri Savoca
5 min readOct 16, 2020


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In case you missed it, technology is “in” and Google Drive is all the rage lately. Gone are the days of using Microsoft Word; your company uses Google Drive now. Say goodbye to email; you can Slack your colleagues instead. Skype? What’s that? You’ll be using Google Meets and Zoom going forward. (Now is probably a good time to stop typing with only your pointer fingers, but I digress.)

Although we’re changing the way we work, we’re not changing the amount of pointless documents we produce. Although nobody will ever read them again, we’ll spend weeks making them, and dozens of people will collaborate on them. So, hit ALT+F4 on Microsoft Word, open up a browser window, and prepare to earn the title of “Most Annoying Google Drive Collaborator”.

1: Refer to Google Docs as “Word”, Google Slides as “PowerPoint”, and Google Sheets as “Excel”.

Even better: use them interchangeably, and say “email” instead of “share”. For example, say “I’m going to email you a PowerPoint!” when you really mean you’re going to share a presentation in Google Slides.

2: Better yet, actually email a Word document. If your colleagues want to be all “modern”, they can upload it to their Google thingy on their own.

When someone invites you to collaborate on something in Google Docs, download the document to your computer, open it in Microsoft Word, make changes, save it, and email it back to them as a .docx file. They’ll appreciate the time you took to go through all these steps.

3: Offer to make the presentation for your company’s next big meeting. Do it in PowerPoint, and then copy and paste to Google Slides.

This way, you don’t have to do it twice. You simply make the presentation in PowerPoint, highlight all of it, and copy+paste. If…



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