How To Get 1 Month of LinkedIn Learning For Free

After you’ve already used your free trial. You’re welcome!

Update: As of 22 June 2019, the benefit has been restored, but is now for only 1 month instead of 3. :(Update: As of 7 May 2019, Microsoft has told me that the LinkedIn Learning benefit is still down, but is coming back soon.  They do not have an exact ETA, but apparently, there was an error with the integration of the two products that needed to be fixed.  They assure me it will return soon. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to let me know about this issue!  Connect with me on LinkedIn to get an update when this issue is resolved.
Look. This is amazing. Anyone else about to get addicted to learning?
Sorry, this is an old screenshot. As of June 2019, the benefit is only for one month. :(



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