I also know what it’s like to eat nothing but 3 slices of bread every day (with some ketchup packets on a lucky day) for days at a time because I couldn’t afford groceries a few weeks before the time period I was describing. I did what I had to do to get back on my feet. Spending $3 at Starbucks once a week to get my work done helped me overcome a financial emergency and get through a period of no income. Those days where I bought a single drink and worked all day helped me generate enough money to pay my rent and buy something other than a $1.99 loaf of bread. Regarding the hotspot, you’ve missed the point of the article. I wasn’t writing about this from an ethical perspective, though perhaps my next article will be titled “How I Heartlessly Violated Optimum’s TOS To Avoid Homelessness After A Family Emergency Left Me With No Income”.

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