Is The News Break Creator Program Legit?

The News Break Creator Program is a relatively new program for writers who publish regularly. It promises to pay creators a guaranteed monthly minimum if they reach certain achievable benchmarks. It also promises to pay an additional fee for each article read. I introduced the News Break platform here:

Is this legit?

Short answer: yes.

Screenshot by the author.

Long answer: yes, but it’s still in its infancy, and there are a few bugs to work out. For one, the analytics are extensive, but I don’t see a payment tracker yet. Also, the editor sometimes glitches when trying to move a picture. Finally, it seems that the reader login page is different from the creator login portal — which might mean that you would need a reader account if you plan to browse around or follow other users. I reached out to the News Break creator support team about this and will update this article when I hear back.

To join the creator program, you’ll need to fill out the application (see below) and submit a few writing samples (I used previous articles from Medium and other non-Medium publications). I heard back within 3 days, signed the creator agreement, and started publishing.

The application

Full disclosure: this is my referral link. If you plan to apply for the creator program, I’d love if you used it — but if you’re not into the whole referral thing, you can navigate to News Break’s website, click Creators, and sign up without using my link. Either way, I hope that sharing my experiences helps you decide whether you’d like to give it a shot.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is News Break a new platform? No. It has roughly 20M users at this time, and over 480,000 reviews in the app store. The creator program, however, is relatively new.
  2. Does News Break accept writers from countries other than the United States? So far, yes — but I can’t confirm whether they accept writers from all countries or just some. I have seen writers from the US, the UK, and Canada get accepted so far. I will update this article when I find out more. It seems that this will depend on their payment processor (Tipalti), but since Tipalti process payments globally, I have a good feeling about this being an option for writers who are unable to receive payments via Stripe.




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