Kim Kardashian is Pursuing a Career in Law, And That’s, Apparently, Not Good Enough Either

She’s not the only woman facing criticism for pursuing something other than modeling.

Kim Kardashian, the daughter of a prominent attorney, has decided to pursue a legal apprenticeship in lieu of attending law school so that by 2022, she’ll be eligible to take the Bar exam.

She’s facing backlash over the decision, and I really do not understand why. After facing plenty of criticism for her other life choices, and after being told to “do something” with her life, she decides to do something relatively honorable and is met with even more disapproval.

Much of the criticism comes from the fact that she will not be earning a law degree, but California does not require attorneys to have law degrees if they complete an intensive 4-year apprenticeship and pass the Bar. Plenty of people skip law school and take the apprenticeship route, so why can’t she?

She has been told to “stay in her lane”, despite the fact that she has spent years being vilified for staying in her lane.

Elsewhere, when Victoria’s Secret model Lyndsey Scott is not on the runway, she spends her time coding.

Professionally. Yet, she was recently the victim of trolls who doubted her programming skills, suggesting that all she could code was “Hello World” and that she should just stick to modeling. Are her Stack Overflow contributions not good enough? Should she stay in her lane, too?

What about Karlie Kloss, who teaches young girls how to code while people angrily push back against “Instragram models” doing anything related to computer science?

Kardashian has been mocked and vilified for her political advocacy more than once. After she successfully fought for a woman to be freed from prison, The New York Post decided that this would be a nice response, reducing an honorable gesture to a sexualized tabloid-style cover:

Why are we trying to stop women from changing the world?

Is physical beauty a contraindication for being able to make a difference? If Kardashian, Scott, or Kloss were “ugly”, would they earn your respect in their chosen endeavors?

So what if she wants to be a lawyer? Is she hurting anyone? Or is she trying to do the opposite? There’s nothing funny about doing a legal apprenticeship, there’s nothing funny about studying computer science, and there’s nothing funny about the fact that it’s 2019 and people are still upset when women pursue careers.

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