This is crazy, especially for those who have already established themselves with a company. After demonstrating that this work COULD be done from anywhere, with an agreement to come into the office a certain number of times a year if needed, it just baffles me that so many companies are afraid of it. Both of my parents work remotely. My dad works in technical sales and got the opportunity after 25+ years of industry success. My mom got the opportunity after having an amazing interview and saying, “I’ll accept your offer if I can work remotely and come back twice a year. Let me know after you’ve thought it through! Thanks for meeting with me!” They came back to her the next day and agreed, even though they had never had a remote employee before.

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✨ serial questioner • technical writer/devops • editor of Diary of an SRE • thank you for connecting 👩🏻‍💻

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